Jenkins Independent School District

First organized as the Jenkins Graded School District on August 15,1912

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Jenkins, KY is situated at the foot of Pine Mountain in Letcher County, Kentucky. It is located about thirteen miles east of Whitesburg, the county seat.

In the fall of 1910, the Consolidation Coal Company (Consol) of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania purchased one hundred thousand acres of coal lands in Pike, Letcher, and Floyd Counties. The lands were purchased from John C.C.Mayo a part of the holdings of Northern Coal and Coke Company.

Plans were made and a site selected for the town of Jenkins; it was named for George C. Jenkins, one of the leading citizens of Baltimore and a major investor in the Consolidation Coal Company. Jenkins was established as a sixth-class city and was incorporated on January 9, 1912. The government of the city was set up on April 20, 1912.

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 Jenkins Centennial 1912-2012 A Celebration Of Jenkins, KY, and also The History Of Jenkins, KY.  You can find copies of these online and in our local Library.  You can also click the button below!