Jenkins Police Department:

Beginning with H.B. Morgan who served as Police Chief from 1912-1915, there have been several Chiefs serve the City Of Jenkins.  Currently we have four qualified and trained officers who serve under the direction of our current Police Chief Jim Stephens.  Jim has served the city as an officer since 2002.

Jenkins Police Department continues on its ongoing mission to PROTECT and SERVE our citizens, one of the newest programs we are working on is the welfare of our Seniors.  We want to ensure their safety by making sure we are available to assist them when they need us, the police make regular rounds throughout their shifts to ensure their safety.   

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call office hours are from 9-5 Monday-Friday. 

Jenkins Police Department: (606)-832-4411

If you have an emergency dial 911. 


Our Officers:

Chief:Jim Stephens

Deputy Chief: Josh Richardson

Officer: Mike Garner


The Jenkins Fire Department has been very instrumental in protecting the homes and lives of the people in Jenkins and the surrounding areas.

From the year of 1935 when Damon Duncan was Fire Chief until our present Chief Rick Corbett the department has always been driven to excel at being the best trained and most well equipped department they can be.  The motivation to keep our citizens safe at all times is the driving force  that keeps our volunteers ready to go at a moments notice! 

Phone: (606)-832-0060

If you have an emergency dial  911

Please visit our JFD webpage by clicking the button below!

City Of Jenkins P.O. Box 568 Jenkins, KY 41537

Phone: (606)-832-2141   Fax (606)-832-2632